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Dependable Commercial Water Pump Repair and Service

A Leader in Commercial Water Pump Repair and Service

When you turn on the tap at your place of business, you don’t want to worry. You want to be able to count on reliable water pressure and flow, so your operations can go smoothly. If you hit a snag in your water service or need the right pump for a new commercial well on your property, we can help. 


 When’s the Last Time you Checked Your Pump and Its Components? 

Pumps have a life span of 15-20 years, but they can still break down and need repair and servicing. Furthermore, commercial water pump maintenance is essential to business operations. Thus, if your pump is broken, damaged, or too small for your commercial needs, please call Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services in Keaau, Hawaii today.


Repairs and Services Statewide

Since 2007, Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services has been a leader in commercial water pump repair and service in Hawaii. In the event you need well pump services, we are here to help. 

We Specialize in the Following Commercial Pumps:

Line Shaft Pumps

Municipal water wells, irrigation wells, and other industrial applications utilize line shaft pumps. The greatest advantage that these pumps have is the placement of the motors. The motors for these pumps sit on top of the well, which make them easily accessible for repairs. In addition, line shaft pumps are highly reliable and efficient.

Submersible Pumps

These systems are perhaps the most reliable pumps and are used worldwide. They are installed down in the well below water surface and require little preventative maintenance care.

Booster Pumps

These pumps are used in applications where normal water pressure is low.


Custom Stainless Steel Pumps

Their resistance to corrosion makes these pumps effective in high-salinity wells. Furthermore, custom stainless steel pumps must be determined early on in a project due to the amount of time it takes to order, customize, and have it shipped to the islands.

Commercial Water Pump Replacement and Sales

Need to order parts or a replacement pump for your business? 

We’re your trusted source for commercial water pump components. Save time and frustration searching online for the right components, and let our specialists handle it for you. Order through us and we’ll take care of the shipping, pickup, delivery to your business, and installation.


Our Sales Service Includes:

  • Ordering the Pump
  • Shipment to the Island
  • Pick Up From the Port
  • Delivering the Pump to Your Home 
  • Installing and Testing the Pump to Ensure That It Is Working Properly
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