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Creating Your Own Home Water Well


At Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services, You Are Not Alone in the Process.

 Aside from obtaining the necessary paperwork, we also determine the elevation levels of your property that will help us establish the best location to drill and install your well. Projects like this are large and extensive, but we will guide you through the entire process!

What lies beneath your backyard? Lava tubes? Ash deposits? Buried treasure? 

Residential Well Drilling Planning

Buying land and building your own home in Hawaii is exciting! However, with many areas in the islands not connected to municipal water, this often means you need to drill your own well. 

While it is an investment, having your own, autonomous water source has many long term benefits.

The Major Steps and Factors to Consider are:

  • Identifying a Viable Source
  • Proper Tools and Equipment 
  • Obtaining the Proper Permits From the State of Hawaii
    • Size of the Well
    • Flow Rate

If you’ve decided a residential well is for you, we’re here to walk you through each step. From obtaining the correct permit from the state, to determining the best type of well and the optimum location on your property for placement, we will guide you through the entire process. 

When drilling a residential well, there are many factors to consider. Three key factors that play a large part in the planning of and drilling your residential well are the leach field location for your septic system, groundwater flow direction, and the geological composition of your property underground.


Considerations for Residential Well Drilling

Leach Field Location

 Proper placement of your well, away from and on higher ground then your 

septic system’s leach field is crucial to avoiding bacteria contamination from wastewater. No one wants a contaminated well!

Groundwater Flow Direction

From our many years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge of local aquifers, 

we have the ability to determine the best placement for your well, so it will never run dry. Understanding how water behaves underground is our specialty here at Derrick's Well Drilling and Pump Services!
Geological Composition

As a volcanic island chain, the Hawaiian islands have some fascinating geologic features that can vary greatly depending on the island and your location. Our understanding of the geology, and how to anticipate and adapt to different underground conditions will give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Having Your Own Well

Zero Utility Bill

Means more money in your pocket.

A Steady, Reliable Water Source

Unlike catchment, you are not relying 

on variable rainfall.

Clean, Delicious Tasting Water

Straight from the source! 

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